Chemfilt Machines will continuously provide high quality products and services to meet customers’ expectations. 

As customer expectations have risen over time, manufacturing quality has come to be an absolute requirement, regardless of where products are manufactured, distributed, and sold.  As part of our commitment to continuously provide high quality products and services to meet our customers’ expectations, prior to each shipment, each piece of equipment is 100% inspected with a ready-to-use quality control inspection checklist.

Key CHEMFILT Quality Control Inspection Criteria
  • Inspection of fasteners and retainers
  • Inspection of clearances
  • Mechanical and electrical functionality
  • Safety functionality and identification
  • Surface and weld finishes
  • Documentation

At the request of the customer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) or Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) can also be performed.  Acceptance testing is a method of establishing documented evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that our equipment and/or systems will consistently yield a product of predetermined quality.  The FAT is usually performed at the vendor prior to shipment to the customer. 

The vendor tests the system in accordance with the customers test plans and specifications to show that the equipment or system is at a point to be installed and tested on site.  The SAT is performed at the customer’s site in accordance with test plans and specifications to show the system is installed properly and interfaces with other systems and peripherals in its working environment.